Mutawintji National Park and Historic Site

Mutawintji National Park can be found almost halfway between the opal town of White Cliffs and Broken Hill. The park hosts one of the best collections of Aboriginal Art (within the park, there is the Mutawintji Historic Site), as well as spectacular scenery with beautifully scenic gorges and old pastoral land. Usually the park can be accessed with conventional cars and a camp ground with drinking water, flush toilets and even hot showers (if you are quick). You are very likely to meet wildlife, such as birds, lizards and roos...

Old Mootwingee Gorge ( Image 13 of 41 )
Waterhole lined with gum trees in Old Mootwingee Gorge or Mutawintji Gorge in Mutawintji National Park 130 kilometers North East of Broken Hill in the outback of Western New South Wales, Australia

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